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Green Deal Installers are part of a new Government project which aims to reduce carbon emissions from our homes across the UK. With the help of these companies, we will benefit from homes which are more energy efficient, helping to reduce our energy bills. It also means that we will be a more environmentally nation, having a positive impact on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

In order to encourage us to make use of the Scheme, all of the upfront finance will be provided to us from the Government, in the form of a loan. In November 2011, it was announced that £200 million of new and additional Government funding would be made available to provide a time-limited introductory offer in an attempt to increase early adopters.

Latest Green Deal Installer News

Beat the Cold Weather with Green Deal Installers

You may now be looking foward to some warmer weather and forgetting the extreme low temperatures, but now is the time to think about improving the efficiency of your home ahead of next winter's cold weather.

Installing a Biomass Boiler with The Green Deal

Choose a biomass boiler to improve energy efficency and reduce your carbon footprint. Biomass stoves and boiler can be installed as a part of the Green Deal Scheme by certified installers.

Green Deal Installers Advise on Energy Efficiency Measures

In order to better the UK's energy efficiency, the Government is encouraging service providers to sign up as Green Deal Installers. Through the Golden Rule, this will mean savings for millions of home owners and tenants across the country.

The Role of The Installer

The role of an installer is an important one; they are responsible for installing all of the Measures in your property which have been provided to you by accredited Advisors. For example, if it has been advised that your property needs new roof insulation, it will be the companies listed in this directory who actually undertake the work to bring your property up to its maximum energy efficiency potential.


The Government aims to make the Deal available to everyone, with no restrictions. That means that in theory, every single home in the UK could be made more energy efficient. The loans, used to pay the installation company, will not be approved through conventional methods - i.e. means tested and credit scores - and it doesn't matter whether the property is rented or owned. Homeowners, landlords and tenants may all apply for loans for the Scheme.

The loans are paid back as a part of your energy bill and if you move house, the loan isn't transferred to your new address, rather it remains at the property, so the new owners or tenants will carry on with the repayments.

What Can I buy with my Loan?

The Deal is primarily aimed at improving the energy efficiency of current structures through the likes of draught exclusion, loft insulation, wall cavity insulation and new boiler systems. Currently, the understanding is that the scheme may not be made available for "microgeneration" technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines, as these have their own incentive with the Feed in Tariff.

It may be that due to regulations on certain buildings and take up, microgeneration technologies may be eligible for funding at a future point, but due to the large initial outlay required for such installations, they will probably not be available.

How do I Apply?

Currently, there is no way for interested parties to register their interest in the Scheme or a way to apply for funding. The framework is scheduled to launch in October 2012 and will be available every British home and business with no upfront cost.

This directory aims to provide you with companies who are authorised and certified companies, meaning once the scheme is live, they will be able to visit property to complete all of the remdial work, making it warmer, more fuel efficient, cheaper and ultimately more energy efficient.

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